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Doctor Adventures presents: Slutty nurse fucks the brains out of a patient and gets a warm load of man juice all over her mouth

Scene Title: A Hand Job A Day...

Storyline: Dr. Michaels' patient today is suffering from a pulled groin muscle he got while doing squats. She stresses to him the importance of "stretching" before excercise, but to make sure he understood, she showed him how to stretch other things! A rub here and a tug there, this patient experiences a check-up like none other!

Doctor: Trina Michaels

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What people are saying about: Trina Michaels - A Hand Job A Day... doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Trina is so so so damn hot i`ve to jerk off every time i watch her videos and this one ├Čt`s no a exception....i just think she one of the best girls sucking a man`s cock i`ve ever watch...LOVE YOU TRINA.

Comment #2

Sexy chick, goes anal to much for me. And her doctor made no real effort to hide the fake boobs. I like tits, fake or no. but those leave no room for doubt if you see them up close IRL,

Comment #3

That clip was so nice, we looked at it twice! Dude pimped out Doc Michaels so good that she is ready to turn a few tricks! Oh, I forgot this is porn, she is a trick!

Comment #4

10/10 easy, she is fuckin' smokin'!

Comment #5

To be frank Trina Michaels is not my first thought to get an hard-on; but whatever I don't neglect she is a hot smoking bitch (better for doggy-style than cream pie. Regarding the dude performing the shot, I am as twice as better in the anal sex...

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